Guest Lecture “Knowledge Graphs in Practice – Challenges and opportunities in the Automotive Industry”

As part of the Industrial Data Lab Dr. Felix Lösch, Chief Digital Officer for Mobility Solutions at Bosch gave a guest lecture for the students of the  Universität Stuttgart.
The topic: Knowledge Graphs in Practice – Challenges and opportunities in the Automotive Industry

Abstract: Driven by ever shorter life cycles, new regulations and laws, new competitors in the automotive market, and the dynamics of innovation, players in the automotive industry are currently facing numerous challenges: Meeting customer demands for fast, efficient, and high-quality data-driven and software-based automotive functionalities and features requires the availability of relevant data and its integration across the entire product lifecycle – in development, production, and operations. With the Bosch Semantic Stack, which is based on the concept of knowledge graphs, Dr. Felix Lösch and his team make this possible. Dr. Felix Lösch introduced the students to the tools and artifacts of this Bosch Semantic Stack. He showed how Bosch uses data to automatically create a knowledge graph and makes it available for use cases. Using the examples of “quality management in the field” or the “Digital Curriculum Vitae of products for traceability”, Dr. Felix Lösch illustrated the added values of Knowledge Graphs.