Lecture “Industrial Analytics”

In the summer term 2024, Dr. Christoph Gröger (Bosch) offers the interdisciplinary lecture “Industrial Analytics” at the University of Stuttgart for Master students in computer science and information systems. It combines both state of the art research results and experiences from industry practice on data analytics in industrial value creation.

Major topics of the course are:

  • organizational structures and IT systems in industrial value creation
  • different kinds of processes in industrial value creation, e.g., industrial product lifecycle and industrial value chain
  • industrial IT systems and industrial data, e.g., CAD, ERP, CRM, MES
  • industrial analytics reference architectures, e.g., RAMI4.0, Industrial
    IoT Reference Architecture
  • data analytics techniques, e.g., reporting, machine learning, stream analytics
  • data platforms like data lakes, data warehouses, data catalogs and data marketplaces
  • architectures and technologies for data lakes and data catalogs

The discussion of these topics is illustrated by typical industrial analytics use cases and their organizational and technical aspects. Practical exercises by Arnold Lutsch (Bosch) and Jan Schneider (University of Stuttgart) complement the discussions in the lecture.