Paper on Lakehouses accepted for ICEIS 2023

Our paper “Assessing the Lakehouse: Analysis, Requirements and Definition by J. Schneider, C. Gröger, A. Lutsch, H. Schwarz and B. Mitschang has been accepted for the 25th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2023). In April, we will present it at the conference venue in Prague.

Abstract: The term “lakehouse” and the associated concepts have attracted significant attention in recent years, as they promise to simplify enterprise analytics architectures by combining desirable features of data warehouses and data lakes into unified data platforms. However, it remains unclear how lakehouses can actually be characterized, since existing definitions are often driven by marketing and tailored towards individual tools rather than the overarching concepts. In our paper, we assess existing defintions for lakehouses and finally propose a novel one, from which eight technical requirements are derived. We subsequently apply these requirements to several popular data management tools, including Delta Lake, Snowflake and Dremio in order to evaluate whether they already enable the construction of lakehouses that comply with our definition.

Paper download (PDF)
This is the author’s version of the work. The paper is presented and published at ICEIS 2023 ( in April 2023. The final authenticated publication will become available at and[TBD].